Know your case optics better than anyone

The Importance of Online Research:

Utilizing TKO for jury research offers many advantages.

Substantially: Lower expenses than traditional jury research.
Instant availability: We can perform our case study at any time from any location.
Reliability: More reliable than telephone surveys for data collection

Online Research or Traditional Jury Research?

Online research can be used tactically to aid traditional research:
Provides initial & clear pictures of case strengths and weaknesses
Allows a live fee and real on current real time events that might have significant impact on the case
Replaces for telephone surveys
Analyses current venues and live behaviours and evaluate venues
Works within budget limitations

Check Your Online Presence

The internet is your social report card, either it is inaccurate or accurate information, if it’s negative you will have a disfavorable judgment on who you really are. Companies now more than ever are under the spotlight, exposed now by their employee’s online and offline behavior. When an online scandal happens attacks have historically resulted in cyberstalking, harassment & personal information leaks.

Know Your

A lot has changed in the last 5 years within the World Wide Web. The internet has provided a podium for visitors to have a voice, let it be a simple tap to send you a heart filled in red to remind you they are watching and approve of your life and actions or a pointed finger to make you aware that they do not. What happens when they DON’T approve, what happens then.

AI Working together with Advisors

Google serves 3.8 million searches an hour. Within those millions are within the self-serving visitors that hold their mouse as a gavel. Our responsive AI keeps our virtual eye on the ball so that our team can prevent, locate, and extinguish online mishaps in real-time. It is important that even if you have not yet had a bad experience that you monitor, assess possible risks, and educate your team proactively.


We match demographic venue and profile to person matching to allow persona matching and behavioral characteristics that identify and analyze the person using our trademarked processes in combination of third party trusted programs that backs our identifying processes live .

Confidential Audits:

Our technology is secure and confidential we access case inforamtion and provides a confidential, secure online environtment