Pre-Trial – At-Trial – Post-Trial 


Risk Assessment:
Our audits  help identify risks & assess potential exposure and future plans on how to change the narrative to the clients favor. 

Tech & Strategies: 
We have a unique ability to craft or null out issues that may affect the outcome of your case. Our technology allows us to identify risks within witnesses, jurors ,  and online active matters, 

Witness vetting can help you evaluate identify their strengths and weakness. 

Visual Strategy Development:
We work with a strong visual persuasion strategies. Visualizing information which identifies bias and or key themes that may help or harm case outcome.


Jury Selection 
We actively locate and identify digital online presence that would translate into a good or bad choice of a Juror.

Trial Monitoring
Courtroom to offer feedback regarding the progress of the trial and what jurors may or may not be communicating outside the courtroom. Monitoring both witness and litigator behaviors.

Shadow Juries- ON site OFF site  or online
We offer  a virtual shadow jury.  Feedback is collected online and analyzed.


When a case is won with favorability it does not always reflect as such on the internet. Most often it continues to damage your clients reputation online. We conceal , remove or reorganize your clients social presence to allow them to move on with their lives.

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Conquer the digital divide from closed cases, online reputation issues that haunt your clients. Giving them a fresh start after the case is closed or even while legal matters are harming their online reputation and finances.




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