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Litigation and Arbitration

TKO has collective and institutional experience helping clients prevail in litigation and arbitration.

TKO works closely with inside and outside counsel throughout all stages of a lawsuit: before a complaint is filed, in advance of settlement, during discovery, in trial, and on appeal. Clients count on us to collect unimpeachable evidence and to do so ethically and in compliance with the rules of professional responsibility, using proper procedures and maintaining the appropriate chain of custody.

We are typically asked to identify, locate, interview, and obtain sworn statements from potential witnesses; investigate parties to a dispute; check backgrounds of adversarial fact or expert witnesses for issues that might be used to challenge their credibility or to show bias; vet our clients’ own experts; recommend documents to be requested in discovery or questions to be posed in deposition; perform a pre-litigation asset search to evaluate the likelihood of collecting on a judgment; and locate assets and income that can be seized in satisfaction of a judgment.


  1. Strategic Collaboration: We work closely with both inside and outside counsel, providing invaluable support throughout all phases of a lawsuit or arbitration. Whether it’s crafting a pre-litigation strategy, preparing for trial, or navigating the complexities of appellate proceedings, clients can rely on us to be their trusted partner every step of the way.

  2. Ethical and Compliant Evidence Collection: Our team is dedicated to collecting unimpeachable evidence ethically and in compliance with the rules of professional responsibility. We ensure that proper procedures are followed, maintaining the appropriate chain of custody to uphold the integrity of the evidence presented.

  3. Witness Identification and Interviewing: We specialize in identifying, locating, and interviewing potential witnesses, obtaining sworn statements to bolster our clients’ case. Our thorough investigative approach helps uncover key facts and insights that can strengthen your legal strategy.

  4. Background Checks and Expert Witness Vetting: We conduct comprehensive background checks on adversarial fact or expert witnesses, identifying any issues that could be used to challenge their credibility or show bias. Additionally, we vet our clients’ own experts to ensure they meet the highest standards of credibility and expertise.

  5. Asset Search and Recovery: Our services extend beyond traditional investigative work to include pre-litigation asset searches and post-judgment asset recovery efforts. We assess the likelihood of collecting on a judgment, locate assets and income that can be seized, and provide strategic guidance on enforcement actions.

At TKO Advisors, we are committed to helping our clients achieve successful outcomes in litigation and arbitration proceedings. With our expertise, diligence, and unwavering dedication to ethical practices, you can trust us to be your ally in the pursuit of justice.



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