Fact Finding &  Discovery 

Assessing Threats and Risks

Determining the truth behind a crisis is the first step in combating one. TKO advisors are experts at revealing the facts – The facts are required in order to ensure that clean up work is done ethlivally and thoroughly.

Fact Witness Investigations

TKO locates & interviews fact witnesses in a case and, as required, obtain their signed statements or affidavits.

TKO prepares detailed background profiles of potential key fact witnesses, which our clients use in preparation for deposition or trial.

These in-depth profiles help our clients to predict and evaluate a witness’s likely testimony, behavior on the witness stand and potential impact on a case. We aim to provide our clients with insight into witnesses’ credibility and character, the basis for their knowledge or lack thereof, and points upon which the witness may be challenged.

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Strategy Management

Set Goals

Powerful Execution