Cyber Extorsion

Effectively improve your Online Reputation

Delivering Positive News

TKO ADVISORS is all about strategy, We’re here to tactfully improve your online reputation. TKO ADVISORS understands that dealing with these types of attacks may negatively impact your business and private life. We are here to take over and restore your peace of mind.
Executives and Professionals

Years of Hard Work Can be gone instantly

It takes years to build a professional reputation. Reputational damage can occur instantly due to personal mishaps or direct affiliation with a specific entity. At TKO ADVISORS we believe that misrepresentations or mistakes should be assessed and removed allowing an individual to experience positive personal and career continuation.

Check Your Online Presence

The internet is your social report card, either it is inaccurate or accurate information, if it’s negative you will have a disfavorable judgment on who you really are. Companies now more than ever are under the spotlight, exposed now by their employee’s online and offline behavior. When an online scandal happens attacks have historically resulted in cyberstalking, harassment & personal information leaks.

Know Your

A lot has changed in the last 5 years within the World Wide Web. The internet has provided a podium for visitors to have a voice, let it be a simple tap to send you a heart filled in red to remind you they are watching and approve of your life and actions or a pointed finger to make you aware that they do not. What happens when they DON’T approve, what happens then.

AI Working together with Advisors

Google serves 3.8 million searches an hour. Within those millions are within the self-serving visitors that hold their mouse as a gavel. Our responsive AI keeps our virtual eye on the ball so that our team can prevent, locate, and extinguish online mishaps in real-time. It is important that even if you have not yet had a bad experience that you monitor, assess possible risks, and educate your team proactively.

The Internet in 2020

Times have changed

35 years ago, if someone was unhappy about a service, product, or individual, they would call a 1-800 number and file a complaint. 30% of damaging reviews online are generated by a corporation’s competition. Today though, individuals can go online, and in a matter of seconds, voice an opinion across various platforms, that will be indefinitely damaging, despite potential inaccuracies. TKO ADVISORS wants to aid in the elimination of online targeting and defamation.
Assessing Threats and Risks

Risk Managament & Assessment

More than 93 percent of consumers take online reviews into account when making purchasing or alignment decisions. Companies now, more than ever, are under the spotlight. TKO ADVISORS has expertise in mitigating a company’s present and future liability, through risk management support, and defensive virtual analysis strategies.
Changing First Impressions

Control what They see

Published personal information

Protect & Conceal

Personal information refers to information that can be used to identify the person, such as photographs or videos, contact details, or information about the person’s employment, education, and family.

Publishing personal information with the intention to cause harassment, alarm or distress

Publishing personal information to cause the fear of violence

Publishing personal information to facilitate the use of violence

Publishing personal information with the intent of loss of livelihood and safety

Publishing personal information for revenge or competition

Cyber Defamation - Fake News

Outdated or false information

Have you been victimized by malicious or old or untrue allegations over the internet?

A false statement of fact made to harm the reputation of someone else and made either negligently or maliciously.

Cruel comments by a blogger

Article published by a news conglomerate

Victimized by malicious or untrue allegations over the internet

Platform byLaws are designed to protect you against such injustice. Our team is trained to conceal and protect you against such injustice

Gone Viral - Leaked

Harassment & Reputation Issues
Leaks, mishaps, privacy breaches, and harassment

Use of threatening, abusive or insulting behavior, words, or communication with the intent to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.

Cruel Use of threatening, abusive or insulting behavior, words, or communication which is likely to cause the victim harassment, alarm, or distress when seen, heard, or otherwise perceived.

Use of threatening, abusive or insulting behavior with the intent of causing the victim to believe that they will be the subject of violence, or with the intent to provoke violence from the victim.

Any indecent, threatening, abusive, or insulting behavior, words or communication to a public servant or public service worker in relation to the execution of their duties.

Stalking behavior

Not Just another Reputation Company

Discretion and Proactivness

Cyber scandals cause losses, loss of credibility, business, job, livelihood, privacy, and safety quickly. Civil, Criminal & family cases are usually front and center to the internet. Old or untrue content will continue to be public and harmful to you as long as it lives online perpetually.
Give your clients peace of mind

Remove Conceal Restore

Conquer the digital divide from closed cases, online reputation issues that haunt your clients. Giving them a fresh start after the case is closed or even while legal matters are harming their online reputation and finances.




Strategy Management

Set Goals

Powerful Execution